Have you turned in your request?

Have you gotten your request turned in yet?  If not, you have just a few more days – 5 to be exact! Your request must be postmarked by January 31st.  If you don’t trust the snail mail, please feel free to drop off your application in the Church office with Ms. Charlotte (or any of the other super sweet ladies that work there).

To download your Consignor Request form, please click on the following link:
Consignor Request Form Spring 2015

Chop, Chop Ladies!!  Time is a tickin’! :0)

The Countdown Officially Begins TODAY!

Well… we are one week away from the first drop off day for the Fall 2014 Children/Teen Consignment Sale.  Here are the important dates and times for next week.  Start planning your game plan now.

Drop Off Times:
Thursday, September 18th: 4-8 pm
Friday, September 19th: 9am -12pm
Doors will be locked at 12 Noon on Friday in order for the consignment committee to prepare for the sale.

Preview Sale for Consignors
Friday, September 19th: 6:30-9 pm (You will be given a pass for the preview sale at drop off. You may invite one friend to come with you.)

Sale Date
Sat., September 20th 8am – 12pm
Half Price (selected items) 1 – 3 pm

Unsold Merchandise Pickup
Saturday, September 20th 5 – 5:30 pm All item not picked up by 5:30 pm will be donated to local charities. NO EXCEPTIONS

Good Luck and just keep tagging… just keep tagging!

Consignor Numbers…

Ok party people…. apparently you all took our advice last spring and started cleaning out your closets, and you have a LOT of stuff to consign this fall. AWESOME! You should receive your consignment number and materials for the children’s sale next week. Please take the time to look over all the papers (front and back)…. there are some important things to remember – what we do and don’t accept, the drop off days and times, and most importantly – the information about the PRE-SALE!  Whoot Whoot!

If you do not hear anything from us by August 15, please send an email to consignment@matthewsumc.org.

Have a groovy weekend!

Today is the Deadline for Fall Sale REGISTRATION!

Today is the day… the day we stop taking registrations for consignor numbers. Have you gotten your request in? If not you have a few more hours. All registration forms must be postmarked by today to be considered for the lottery if they are being mailed in. Or if you don’t trust snail mail – you can always drop off your registration form at the Church office with Ms. Charlotte (or any of the very nice ladies in the Church office). The church office closes today at 5pm.

The clock is ticking…. tick, tock, tick, tock!

See you all in a few weeks! Wahooo!

We are half through registration – have you registered yet?

Hey, hey you! You over there…. the one that is so busy with end of summer activities that she can hardly see straight! Don’t forget to register for the Fall 2014 Children/Teen Consignment Sale.  The sale date is September 20th… which means we are about 2 months away from the most fantastical sale EV-ER!

Click HERE if you want more information on registering for the Children’s sale.

Click HERE if you want more information on registering for the TEEN sale.

Important reminders: Registration for CHILDREN’S SALE ends JULY 31st – it’s gonna sneak up on your before you know it!  TEEN sale registration ends September 11 – but they are limited to 75 consignors – so get your registration in early!

Now… carry on with your extremely busy end of summer festivities.  See you all in two months!

It’s TIME! It’s TIME! It’s TIME!

It’s time to get your registration in for the Fall 2014 sale. The sale is going to be on Saturday, September 20th. We are currently accepting applications until July 31st. You can print your registration form by simply clicking the CHILDREN’S SALE tab at the top of this page then CONSIGNORS INFORMATION…. once you click that, a little side tabby will pop out that says – SO YOU WANNA NUMBER FOR THE SALE? Click that and Voila! All the information is there.

Now, one last thing…. When you mail in your request, please remember to send TWO self addressed stamped envelopes (one will be used to send your consignor information once your number has been assigned and the other is used to send your big fat check after the sale for selling all your amazing things that your kids have outgrown or don’t use anymore – so definitely don’t forget that second envelope!!) Also, don’t forget to enclose your check made out to Matthews UMC Consignment in the amount of $12.

We look forward to seeing you all in the fall… it’s just around the corner. It will be here before you know it, so get to cleaning out those closets people! hehe