NEW to 2020 sale!

In order to continue to improve our sale these are items that WE DO NOT ACCEPT:

Maternity Clothes**
Accessories (children/teen)**
Stuffed Animals
Underwear or bras
Used bottles/nipples
Breast pumps
Dirty, stained, or ripped clothing
VHS tapes
Open/Used children’s Make-up
Rated R or PG-13 movies
Copies of Movies
**NEW FOR 2020**

New Consignor Drop Off Procedures!

After lots of feedback and research we have decided to try something new! This is a learning year for us so please bare with us as we work to make this easier for all of YOU!

Be sure to sign up for a “Dropoff ” time that works for you. They are scheduled in 30 minute increments. We hope to be able to quickly quality control your items to make sure our sale stays current.

In order to make this move quickly be sure to have all clothes rubber banded by size and sorted. Also be sure to review items that are no longer accepted as some items have changed for 2020.

Again, THANK YOU for your patience as we work to continue to make this sale one of the BEST around!

New Shopping Times

To better serve our consignors and shoppers new shopping times listed below:

Volunteers Shop 4-6
Consignors & Friends Shop: 6-8:30

Open to Public 8-11
Half Price 12-2

Consignor Important Dates/Times

Just a friendly reminder of important dates and times for consignors:

You can drop off items Thursday, 4-8 pm and Friday 9-12 pm

Enter items in the computer by 9:00 pm THURSDAY

Pick up all unsold merchandise SATURDAY between 5:00-5:30

**any items not picked up by 5:30 will be donated**