Tips for Success

Tips for Consigning Success

Sort, Sort, Sort

  • Before you begin entering your items into the system, group like items together ~ toys, girls clothes, books, maternity, etc.
  • Within your clothing, sort the items first by size, then within each size, put the same brands together.
  • Now sort all of your other items by similarities; book author, maker, etc.
  • Keep your piles intact while you enter, you can then print your tags and go back and quickly tag them because the tags will be in order too!

Printing your tags

  • Please note:  You must reprint your tags for every sale that you participate in.  For example, if you consign during the fall and have things that didn’t sale and you want to resubmit them to another Matthews UMC sale, you must print a new tag for that item.  The system will NOT recognize tags from previous (or other church) sales – therefore, you won’t get paid for those items.
  • Before you print, make sure that you have set your printing preferences to LANDSCAPE!  The tags will take up the whole page when printed correctly.
  • ONLY use CARDSTOCK.  Do not use plain printer paper.  Printer paper rips too easily when pinned or taped on.  You will lose items if you use plain paper.
  • Make sure your ink is good!  If your ink is too light, the barcode readers will not be able to read them.
  • Cut the tags apart and then resort the tags according to the item number.  They will now be easy to match up with your piles that you entered.

Attaching Tags

  • Use safety pins (not the cheap ones from the $1 store )to attach tags to clothing in the upper right side of the item.  You can also use a tagging gun.
  • Use STRONG packing tape to attach parts and toys together as one item.  BUT don’t use packing tape to attach the tags.
  • Use Masking tape to tape tags on to toys and equipment.  You can tape on the bottom and top edges.  Make sure that all of the parts and pieces are taped together.  PLEASE DO NOT COVER ANY PART OF THE BARCODE.
  • You can put shoes in the big zip lock bags and tape the tag in the inside of the bag.

Hanging Clothes

  • Wire hangers are best to use.
  • Attach the clothes with safety pins to the hanger.
  • Please have all of your hangers facing the same direction.
  • Group your hangers by size and gender and bind them with a rubber band.

Pricing Hints 

  • There is not an absolute way to know how to price your items but we typically find success with pricing something for 30% of its original price.
  • Items from stores that typically have huge sales (Children’s Place, Old Navy, Walmart), should be priced at closer to 10% of their original price, or 30% of a typical sale price.