Tagging Instructions

**Please note the following:

**NEW, for all donated items please put a red line across the bottom of the tag**

* DO NOT put tape across the bar code of your tag.
This is so very important.  It slows down the checkout process when we have to pry the tape off your tags.

* DO NOT tape your DVD or electronic games closed.  Once they are dropped off, we will have a designated volunteer checking each case to make sure the correct DVD or game is in the case, and then they will tape the cases closed. This is a security measure to protect the consignor and the shopper.

* You will need white cardstock to print your tags on.  It must be at least 60 lb. paper.  You can begin entering your items in MyCM before you have the cardstock.

* Use strong safety pins (not from the dollar store) to attach tags to clothing.

*Pin tags to the upper right side front of the clothing.

*Please make sure the hangers are facing in the same direction and are sorted by sizes.  Use a rubber band to group them by sizes.

*It is best to use painters tape on books to attach the tag.

*Place shoes in zip lock bags and tape the tag to the baggie.  Please do not take the top of the baggie shut.

* To return to the tagging system you must use this URL: http://www.myconsignmentmanager.com/matthewsumc

* We suggest pricing items at approximately 1/3 of their original cost.

* Any hangers can be used to consign, but we recommend wire hangers because they do not break.

* You will NOT be able to enter additional items after 9 pm on Thursday preceding the sale.  You will be able to print your already entered tags after this time.

* The Consignment Committee reserves the right to pull and not sell any merchandise not meeting the guidelines outlined.  Any consignor who does not comply with these policies may be denied a number for future sales.

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